Adaptogenic Herbal Supplement by Alitura Naturals – The First All Natural Organic Dietary Supplement To Reduce Stress and Burn Belly Fat – Will Make You Feel Great, Work Harder, and Look Amazing

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What makes revitalize different from all the other supplements on the market today?

Why is ours so special?

With a unique focus on healing the body as a whole, this alkalizing, detoxifying and restorative blend of superfoods and medicinal herbs attentively created by Andy Hnilo, will deeply nourish, tonify and balance your internal organs, immune and nervous system.

A generous amount of antioxidants and SOD (superoxide dismutase) help scavenge the body of free radicals, restoring harmony and beauty to body. As the reputable face in world of supplements, nutrition, health and beauty food Andy understands the importance of keeping the body free of impurities. It contains the most powerful adaptogenic herbs on the planet. The combination of these herbs will enhance your immune system and increase stamina. Chronic stress is a common modern world problem that lowers immune system function.

The active ingredients in Revitalize are known to reverse imbalances in the central nervous system, bolstering the immune system to better handle stress.

Gluten Free – Our formula FREE of Gluten and it is also vegan and vegetarian

Safe & Pure Formula – Contains NO GMO’s, artificial ingredients, fillers, binders, preservatives or chemicals. Our formula is FREE of soy, milk, egg, shellfish, corn, wheat, peanuts and sugar

If you are not satisfied with our Anti Aging Supplement within 30 days just send us the bottle back and we’ll give you a FULL refund

When you purchas Any Alitura Product , rest assured that you are buying the best quality available on the market today!

★ DISSOLVE STRESS: With a blend of powerful adaptogenic herbs, Revitalize can increase your resilience in the face of stress. It features the famous Chinese Herb of Immortality – known as Jiaogulan – which contains 3 to 4 times more saponins than ginseng, making it the strongest adaptogen herb on the planet. Adaptogens come to the rescue during times of stress, they energize us without stimulating so we can rise to the occasion.
★ BUILD IMMUNITY: Revitalize contains some of the most medicinal mushrooms on the planet and one in particular stands amongst the rest – Chaga. The Siberian secret to their robust immunity; also known as the “Gift from God”, Chaga mushroom carries many potent immune benefits. It is the proud placeholder of 215 phytonutrients, B vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, minerals and enzymes and a rich source of SOD (superoxide dismutase).
★ BECOME IMMORTAL: Reishi or “The Mushroom of Immortality” sets Revitalize apart from the crowd. This potent mushroom was originally only consumed by the Nobel and fortunate. It’s known to gift mystical powers to those who consumed it. It is a Shen tonic, which promotes spiritual radiance and “immortality”. It’s also a Jing and Chi tonic, which promotes longevity and energy by benefiting the dominant organ in the body, the Liver.
★ INCREASE ENERGY: Optimal energy levels require strong and healthy adrenals. Revitalize contains one of the world’s most famous herbs; ashwagandha. This powerful adaptogen uplifts and enhances our energy by improving thyroid and adrenal function. When these glands are well-functioning we experience our greatest natural energy levels and an overall sense of aliveness and vigor.
★ BEAUTIFY: Containing two of the most profound anti-aging and beautifying herbs, this daily formula builds beauty from the inside out. One herb is Schisandra; a longevity herb that promotes skin wellness and beauty directly by protecting the liver. Then we have He Shou Wu, which has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese as a liver and kidney tonic. This leads to improved vitality, energy and diminishing signs of aging such as gray hair and wrinkling skin.

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