Resveratrol has gained a great deal of attention lately for its purported anti-aging and disease Fighting properties. Still, it is important to note here that while many experts agree that it definitely does possess potential, there is still no conclusive evidence to prove its efficacy. Still, preliminary research does indicate that it may help guard you from: Heart disease: It helps prevent the cells in the cardiovascular system from damage and combat the plaque build up which can cause the heart disease. Diabetes: Resveratrol also helps lower blood glucose levels and prevents insulin resistance, another condition that leads to diabetes.

In order to study the effects of resveratrol on diabetes, scientists conducted a test with mice and rats. These animals were injected with high doses of insulin and they were monitored for their responses. What they found out was that the mice treated with high doses of insulin showed signs of diabetes-like effects. This is why high doses of resveratrol have been deemed helpful in the treatment of diabetes.

But before you go on a consuming binge, it is important that you first drink plenty of fluids. Consuming red wine has been proven to have benefits for your health. So drinking one glass of red wine with meals can provide you with some health benefits as well. Aside from diabetes prevention, drinking red wine with meals can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And since resveratrol has been proven to reduce fat formation, drinking two glasses of red wine with meals can give you more energy throughout the day. Sipping a glass of resveratrol with dinner is considered to be a good heart healthy option.

Another beverage that you can incorporate into your heart healthy meals is water. Water, unlike wine, does not contain alcohol since it is hydrated. This means that your body will not have to process any alcohol at all. As such, the amount of alcohol that stays in your system is significantly reduced. However, this is not the recommended practice to consume alcohol when you are trying to lose weight. Alcohol will increase the production of cholesterol and other substances that will harm your heart.

However, if you are going to consume alcohol, it would be best to drink moderately. Too much alcohol can cause severe effects not only to your heart but also to your brain. Studies show that the chemicals that are created by alcohol bind to cellular proteins in the blood vessels. This is how your body senses alcohol and triggers an automatic response. When this happens, the liver produces extra amounts of the substance called acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde is a chemical that causes inflammation throughout the body. The increased inflammation affects cells and the function of organs. Acetaldehyde is believed to be one of the main culprits in heart disease and certain cancers. In fact, many people think that resveratrol supplements could prevent cancer, since resveratrol could prevent inflammation. Resveratrol could be an anti-inflammatory agent and a powerful scavenger for acetaldehyde. Although not all anti-oxidants are anti-inflammatory, they do inhibit the production of inflammation all over the body.

All the studies on resveratrol supplements and heart disease have shown a positive result. Aside from preventing the development of arteriosclerosis, which leads to hardening of the arteries, resveratrol has also been proven to reduce the severity of the condition. Resveratrol has even been used to prevent atherosclerosis in mice, which has been compared to reducing the effects of radiation therapy for heart diseases. The conclusion is that resveratrol can help prevent the development of heart disease and even death in extreme circumstances. Since there are many beneficial effects of resveratrol, most scientists agree that taking a regular dose of red wine with resveratrol supplements might not only slow the aging process, but also prevent the development of serious health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Resveratrol works best when it is combined with other natural substances. These substances are called polyphenols, and include grapeseed oil, quercetin, linalool lavender and turmeric. This natural mix allows your body to receive all of the important nutrients that resveratrol can provide. This is why wines with resveratrol in them, as well as other fruits and vegetables, are very helpful when it comes to making your heart healthy. Resveratrol is the key to living a longer life, and avoiding diseases like heart disease. Drinking red wine with resveratrol every day will help you live longer, feel better, and help you avoid cardiovascular diseases.